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About Us - India Medico Instruments,physiotherapy equipments,occupational Therapy,Rehabilitation aids,Fitness Equipments,Panchakarma (ayurvedic) Products

Company Profile
India Medico Instruments (IMI), serving the health care profession since 1956, has a reputation as the manufacturing company for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation products. India Medico Instruments has a worldwide clientele of medical professionals, physiotherapists & occupational therapists and movement experts.

Over its long history, India Medico Instruments backed with ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 13485:2003 certifications & CE mark for many of its products has grown into a valued supplier of products like Traction units, Exercise Chairs, Tilt Tables, Hi-Low Tables, Treatment Couches, Quadriceps Benches, Hand & Arm Exercise Units, Mobility Aids etc., that reflect the very latest technological developments and are designed to meet the individual and collective needs of our patrons.
Main Products
Physiotherapy Equipment:- Hydrotherapy Tanks, Whirlpool Bath, Paraffin Wax Baths, Moist Heat Therapy Unit, Traction Unit, Suspension Frame, Upper and Lower Extremities Exercise Equipment, Parallel Bar, Examination Couch, Tilt Tables.

Occupational Therapy:- Evaluation units, Sensory motor, Pediatrics Positioning, A.D.L., Training Units.

Rehabilitation Aids:- Walking Aids, Wheel Chairs, Stand-In-Frame.

Panchakarma Products (Work Stations):- Massage-cum-Shirodhara Table, Sarvang Dhara Snehan Yantra, Avaghah-Swedan (Full Body Oil Bath), Vaman Peeth, Taap Swedan Yantra, Nasya Peeth, Veerachan Chair, Aarsh Vaspa Swedan Yantra, Nadi Swedan Yantra & many more.
Our Bank Details
Deposit & Inform
State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur,
101-102 New Delhi House, 27, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi - 110 001, (India).
A/c. No:- 510 55 44 8018

Beneficiary:- India Medico Instruments, Delhi, INDIA
HDFC Bank Rohini Branch, Delhi
A/c. No:- 13472 00 00 00 021,
RTGS NO:- HDFC 0001347
Brief History
1948 Company, founded by Late Shri B. L. Arora, initially started repairs to Medical Equipment like B.P. Apparatuses, Weighing Machines, Micro- Scopes Units etc.
1954 Added manufacturing of hospital steel furniture, in our works.
1956 Avichal Arora joined the family business after school graduation.
1962 Commenced manufacture of Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy & Rehabilitation Equipment/Aids.
1967 Our company was accorded membership of Sectional Committee of BIS for fixing standards of Artificial Limbs, Rehabilitation Appliances & Equipment for disable.
1968 Designed & introduced :- Yash Cervical Traction Unit.
1969 Designed & introduced :- Whirlpool Baths.
1972 Designed & introduced :- Hydrotherapy Tank.
1981 Designed & introduced : Akay Hi-Trac Unit with Bed for Lumber & Cervical Traction.
1982 Entered into export market by exporting 3000 pairs of wooden crutches.
1985 Started imports of sophisticated equipment from USA and later from Japan and Germany.
1990 Enlarged factory at Badli Industrial Estate, Delhi.
1992 Designed & introduced :- Hi-Low Treatment Table (Electric).
1995 Designed & introduced :- Varun Knee C.P.M.
1998 Designed & introduced :- Pankaj Elbow C.P.M.
2002 Designed & Introduced Multi Activity Works Station (Upper Extremities).
2003 Redesigned & Introduced Programmable Akay Hi Trac Unit with Hi Low Lumber Bed.
2003 Designed & Introduced : Hi Low Mat Platform.
2004 Designed & Introduced Panchakarma Products.
  Obtained the ISO 9001:2000 credential for Quality Management System.
  Participated in Medica-2004 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
2005 Re-designed & upgraded Pankaj Elbow C.P.M. & Varun Knee C.P.M. units to microprocessor based with Modes & Programmes.
  Obtained the CE marking for our 35 products.
  Participated in Medica-2005 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  Designed & introduced IMI-2272 Sarvang Dhara Snehan Yantra (Elect.), IMI-2286 Vidyut (I.R.) Taap Cabinet.
2006 Obtained the Credit/Performance Rating Certificate by Ministry of S.S.I. through NSIC.
  Participated in Medica-2006 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  Successfully executed single export order of Rehabilitation products worth INR 35,00,000/-.
2007 Participated in Arab Heath, Dubai held in January 2008.
2008 Participated in Arab Heath, Dubai held in January 2009.
2009 Obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification for Quality Management System.
2010 Participated in Arab Heath, Dubai held in January 2010.
Designed & Introduced :- UN-WEIGH MOBILITY TRAINER
Multi-Activities Work Station
Designed & Introduced :- ACTIVITY FUN GYM
The above is the brief history of company right from the start till date. We are glad to state that we have now achieved expertise in the manufacture of all types of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Equipment, Rehabilitation Aids and Panchakarma Products and we have gained full confidence for any improvement in products to meet the specific need of the patient.